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Product photography

We offer high-calibre, creative, studio photography for your products or business collateral. These can be shot to reflect your brand essence and can be included as part of a larger design requirement to ensure a seamless approach.

Some tips to consider if commissioning studio product photography are:


Gear: To start with, use a good lens, possibly a mid-zoom, as these tend to be more flexible, allowing you to set up in one spot and zoom in, rather than moving all the time.


Backgrounds: Unless your branding offers alternative scope, shooting against a white background takes any distractions away, so the only thing to look at is the product!

Lights: Lighting is pretty important in shooting products, the idea most of the time is to get the product fairly evenly lit.


Framing: Simple compositions tend to work better with products, so try to get on the same level, and zoom in to get as much in as possible.


As standard your products should have a sharp 3 dimensional quality to them. This is achieved by effective shape-lighting.

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